Dressing Room Pee

Merry Christmas Panettone Pee

The Mistress wants to celebrate Christmas together with you useless lovers of the piss of Mistress Giorgia.At Christmas we need the paettone: the Mistress has decided to soak the panettone with her Divina Pioggia, she takes a saucer with panettone and pisses on it. The Panettone is now hot and soaked with the Divine Nectar, would you like to eat it?


Oxana is hot pooping messy huge shit in metalic tights!

Shitting In The Bathroom Sink

Shitting in the bathroom sink (JJ000321)

Lesbo Honeys Love Pee And Shit! – Full Movie

They kiss and make out to make themselves wet. The first lesbo challenges the other one to drink all the pee and eat the shit she can stomach. She clearly underestimated the other girl because boy, she certainly loves it! They pee on glasses and take turns drinking each others urine. The first lesbo shits on the other girl’s hand and dares her to eat it. The girl spreads the watery shit all over her face and the two share a sticky and smelly french kiss.