Drilling For Shit

Beg For (sh)it

My slave is on the ground and is very excited to be allowed to eat shit again. He is happy! But I want to torment him. I sit on top of him and slap him really hard. Then I spit in his face. Nevertheless, he still thinks that it starts immediately. But far from it: I shit on his stomach. Put it in his face, but he may NOT lick it! He should beg! I laugh at him and explain that he is not even good at serving as a toilet! I pee next to him on the floor. He should keep his head in the puddle! He really wants to lick it, but I just spit on him! Then he gets my pissed panties pushed in his face. He greedily starts to smell it. But I’ll take it away too!

Directly Into The Mouth

This time the slave was for a long and painful abstinence without food for a week. All he was allowed to do was eat my shit. He did not resist, because he knew that if this painful week did not last, he might starve to death. I like to make a slave to open his mouth and look into my eyes while I fill his mouth with smelly shit. Lick and swallow it all. And I will spit in your mug, my toilet. It’s delicious. Mmm…

Trampled And Smothered With Pee And Scat!

A domesticated slave is given another lesson by his ruler. He is abused, smothered and trampled under her beautiful feet! He is ordered to clean her ass and to pleasure her, and he is sprayed with piss and sticky sheet as his reward. He MUST eat all!