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I Had To Serve Dirty-tina And Her Slave As A Toilet! Part 1

Here I had to serve Dirty-Tina and one of her slaves as a living toilet. Tina led me along with her scalps to a toilet. There I had to put my head on the toilet seat and open my mouth wide. Then both of them pissed me into my slaves mouth and I had to swallow their whole piss. In the first part, Tina pissed me a big load of women’s piss in my mouth! And in the second part, the slave pissed me a big load of men’s piss in my slave’s toilet mouth!

Mistress Roberta – Breakfast And Enema

I prepare my toilet bitch and after i decide how to shit on his mouth i sit on the toilet sit and shit directly in his mouth humiliating him and deciding is not enough i decide to do an enema so i make his face full of shit and dirty ass water and fart in his face

Masquerade Shit

Hello again to all the sex slaves of the mistress, this time a party was being held in the house. And the mistress, seen this as the perfect time to give you fuckers a show that will make you go crazy. Watch as she?s lying back on the bench to show you her lovely thighs and pussy, watch as the piss flows making you want to grab your screens. And that golden hue colored shit streaming from her ass making a mountain that you motherfuckers need to eat or play in so sit back unzip your pants and enjoy the show.