Drink Ero Piss

Pissed In His Mouth

After Miss Leah Obscure has used the toilet, I start feeling that I too must take an urgent piss! So the slave has to open his mouth and serve as a toilet once again. I love to piss in a slave’s mouth! He swallows everything beautifully and doesn’t miss a drop. Swallow it all, toilet bitch!

Kinky-tina Invites You To The Caviar Feast

Such an opulent time is rare and is only for experienced gourmets. This slave is one of those gourmets. Immediately 4 ladies serve him directly from the source their fresh caviar.One after another, the mistresses shit in his mouth wide open. The first is the Contessa, followed by Hot Svenja and Rosella. So that he can not say that he remained hungry, he finally shits Kinky Tina in his mouth and serves him an extra large load of piss.What a feast!

Mistress Lilly – Squirting And Diarrhea After Beads In Ass

Mistress Lilly shitting few times today and she playing with her ass with anal beads. She love to expose her dirty pleasures to everybody and she is a super star in scat business. We are glad she collaborate with us and show us her huge turds day by day, week by week. We are happy to work with Mistress Lilly !

Lady In Latex Pissing

I open up my latex catsuit and piss in front of you..and I imagine your mouth is open wide to receive my liquor. (Video without sound)