Drink His Piss Lick His Ass

Professor Makes Good Use Of Three Mind-controlled Schoolgirls! – Part 3

Eventually, the man holds in his hand a cup and then has each of the ladies urinate inside of it! Every time it gets full, he takes a sip or empties it completely! To make things more interesting, he something gulps down urine directly from the pussy! When the women have peed everything, he proceeds to bend them over and get unobstructed easy access to their assholes!

Tm Big Booty Dumps

TM shaking and jiggling her big round booty in your face before giving birth to some hole stretching logs and sloppy shit plops.

Shit For Slave No 16

Shit for slave no 16:Slave 16 has hampered the head in a collar and a pipe in his mouth, sadistic mistress turns the crank of a meat grinder that advances his shit very slowly towards the mouth of the slave 16 that will have to swallow mouthful after bite as it happens

Riding A Shit

I’m out on a bike ride when I need to shit so badly. I do it right there in my skinny jeans, you see them bulge as a HUGE shitty load drops into them. I carry on riding my bike, squashing the mess all over myself. Once I get home things get even more dirty!