Drink Own Pee Boxers

Mistress Lilly Is Back – Pissing And Shitting

Mistress Lilly just recording more shitty movies with her while wearing her HIGH HEELS. She really love to shit and play ANYTIME she feel her ass full of shit. A true Scat Goddess !! Today she shitting and pissing in a bowl from behind.

Pooping On My Balcony!

I’m feeling naughty today and decide to risk it and take a shit on my balcony in broad day light and with all kinds of traffic and people going by…Anyway I stand by the railing and spread my cheeks and pooping. As the first turd comes out, a bumble bee flies outta no where and scares the shit outta me! Hahahaha! I keep shitting though…and after I’m done I dip my toes into it and show it for the camera…don’t you wish you could lick them clean!

Shit In The Rain Femdom P2

The slave has to walk behind his Mistress Michelle like a dog again and at once Mistress Michelle has to pee and use the mouth of the slave for that, swallow all my piss slave…