Drink Own Piss In Public

Mistressanna – Pov Lumps Of Shit

You are so close to my face in this video. You will feel that I am there, controlling you and telling you, “SLAVE, EAT MY SHIT.” As I look down at you and into your eyes you will feel that I am looking into your soul, or what was your soul before I crushed it and made you into a subhuman toilet. You will see me smile as I order you to “Eat, eat my shit,” and you will feel the pleasure I take from your degradation. As I look down at you and speak my movements will allow you to see the beauty of my face from different angles and you will become even weaker for me. My long beautiful hair, my full lips, my flawless skin and the laughter in my eyes will make your penis hard and you will have to masturbate. You will imagine yourself underneath my perfect ass. You will be thankful there is such a thing as shit, because my shit is the only thing that comes from me that could possibly be vile enough to connect a being as perfect as me to a thing as repellant as you. You will gladly follow my orders, indeed, gratefully accept the opportunity to abase your self before my perfection. The camera is so close you can see all the smoothness of my skin, on my ass, on my soft, fragile pussy lips, the entrancing beauty so close yet so far. You see the delicate hairs, so soft and sparse that I never have to shave, yet so many that they are everywhere while almost invisible. The shit you gratefully accept this time is as soft as it can be while still being solid. It is so moist that it glistens as the light reflects off of it. It is so soft that you will not have to chew and so moist that it will spread all over your mouth and the taste will coat your mouth and permeate your nose. It will be almost impossible to eat yet impossible to not swallow it is so liquid. It is gross, just like you. Now, TOILET, finish MASTURBATING before I cut your dick. Now EAT your cum!

Teenage Superturds…

Have you ever dreamed of teenagers shitting out very very long turds, that smell so great…here are several american teen scenes (legal age) that make your dreams come true…

Girl In Short Shorts Standing Pissing

Girl in short shorts standing pissing.

Blonde Girls Piss On Each Other

2 blondes, one chubby, one thin take turns in peeing on each other