Drink Pee Girls

Mistress Gaia – Under My Throne

Prostrate under my throne, this slave is ready to receive the gift of the royal fruit of my body. Having sacrificed all his dignity to learn how to serve me worthily, he receives with joy and gratitude my shit, aware of being finally come to realize his nature: to be my slave and my toilet.

Mistress Roberta -bamboo Canning And Feeding

Today my greedy slave will pass trough pain to be feed and it will be fun for me and painful for my pot . First i feed him from my toes with chocolate so he can think everything is fine and will be a good day after i do some face sitting and take the small baboo cane and hit him all over his body starting with the nipples and finishing with the inner tights and his chastity after i pee on his body and poop in his mouth a huge piece of shit and i also wipe my ass and pussy and shove the paper in his mouth and with the cane in my hand after i covered his head wth pantyhose mask to hold the shit in his mouth i order him to eat all and hit him to do it, enjoy!

4 Girls Used Me, As A Living Toilet, In The Swimming Pool!

When I, together with my 4 friends, Dirty-Tina, HollyBanks, AnnyAurora and TexasPatti, was in the swimming pool, all four girls had to piss. So they came up with the idea of using me as a living toilet. So we, five girls, pulled us naked and I had to lie down on the floor, in the pool. Then pissed, one girl after another in my mouth, all 4 use me, as a toilet, and I have swallowed everything, well. See how much fun we had! After all 4 had bottled me, we were caught, by a bath supervision. How we got caught and what happened next, you see in the next part, from our visit to the swimming pool! But I can tell you, that it went so extreme and horny on!

Long Smooth Scat

Do you like it actually prefer shaved pussy with hair or rather smooth, if I`m in front of you and you stretch my pussy and my ass for shit against …