Drink Pee Pissotiere

Toilet Extreme White Gloves

A pair of wonderful white gloves … a super sexy bra … and are you ready to play with me? Cago a beautiful asshole fuck me seui my white gloves and i eat it … A really fetal and strong fetish video where elegance collides with some really fetish and dirty vices … enjoy it all!

Suffocation In 2 Ways – Facesitting Or Shit Eating

Goddess Margo was again so cruel today with her toilet slave. She dressing in a pink SPANDEX catsuit and she her slave first as ashtray, humiliating him, ordering him to clean her high heels while she smoke and ash in his mouth. She put her ass on his mouth and smother him with her body, face sitting him. After she exhausted, she announce him that is time for full toilet slavery : his duty to eat her shit. She put him in the bathtub and ordering him to keep his mouth open to catch her shit directly into his open wide mouth. She play with him with her shit, making him dirty, put shit on his cock and stroke his cock until he get hard, then put a milk into his mouth to help swallowing. At the end, she put her hand fist deep into his mouth to be sure almost everything was gone into his stomach.

Stinking Pee

nly get my friend Rosella and I the face with sperm vollgekleistert, then comes the next guy and wants us piss clean the face. No idea what he ate or drank, but as a strict urine has me yet no one peed in the face.