Drink Piss Toilet

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Princess Mia Scat Femdom

The Shit On The Slave’s Buttocks

The sadistic Mistress Giorgia continues the path to train the slave to be complete.The mistress drinking a glass and begins to lick her feet from the slave.The slave is always very submissive and licked his feet at the Mistress until she tell him to put on four-legged because she wants to shit in a very special way today: on the slave’s buttocksThe slave is four-legged, with his head tucked under the Mistress’s WC chair, she sits on her back and begins to torture the balls. Torture goes on for a long time and the slave cries out with pain. The slave is then bled down to the ground and the Mistress starts to piss over the ass of the slave. After the piss, the Mistress begins a beautiful shit, all on the slave’s buttocks who are filled with shit.The slave is totally humiliated by his sadistic Mistress

Eat My Turd

Erica’s giving her shit slave a snack; a large fart, a snack size turd, and plenty of pee to wash it down with!