Drinking Bowl Of Piss

Pissing And Wetting

Some hot pissing and leggings wetting scenes of me! Pure pee! Gallons of pee!

New Slave, Outdoor, Shitting And Pissing In The Mouth!

A new slave had applied to me, as a living and all-absorbing toilet! So I met with him Outdoor to test him! Have him a nice big pile, outdoor, shitting in his mouth and on top of it then peed! Bon Appetit! Search for the summer season, again toilet slaves, which I can, shit and piss outdoor in the mouth and swallow it all then. Please contact me!

Back To Back Dumps Part 2 720p

TM unleashes two back to back nasty dumps both within a couple hours of each other.

Anal Push

Trying out my new toy ?Anal Push? bought with a sub tribute. It slipped right into my stinky ass. When I say stinky I mean my ass stunk up the whole room. ?Anal Push? is so flexible it wiggled around as I shook my ass. I came shortly before releasing a huge lump of poop that stunk up my halfway.