Drinking Piss Eating Shit

Mistress Gaia – Disgusting Breakfast

WARNING: this movie is one of the most extreme I’ve ever shot. I order my slave to swallow a real piece of crap made of chewed food, saliva, shit, piss, spits, all blended to form a pulp by the indefinable color and foul-smelling. But mine is a very good and obedient slave: he is a perfect toilet, so he never has any difficulty in swallowing whatever I give him to eat or drink. What a crap! Bleeehhhh …..

Creamy Shit And Shitty Boots

New sexy video with stunning creamy shit and shoes) First, I shit a giant pile of shit, then I’m a little smeared face and taste it, then I smear the shit on the boots) a simple, hot, nice video for a nice price))

Back To Back Dumps Part 2 720p

TM unleashes two back to back nasty dumps both within a couple hours of each other.

Let Us Come Together To Eat My Shit – Caviar Pur

I’m getting tired of always having to eat my shit alone. And that is why I invite you cordially to make it with me along my fresh shit. Come and watch me as I abfülle my fresh shit about it because afterwards to eat with you.