Drinking Piss From Her Ass

Blue And Dirty

Oxana is farting and making her sexy blue panties dirty.

Poop Party!

Lets have some fun!i have 3 balloons blown up saying PIGS NOT WORTHY & SLAVE on each of them, thats what you are to me nasty fucks! I then go to the slave balloon and i sit on it alittle and and begin to shit ! turds begin to flow out bouncing on the ballons then i move to the pig balloon and shit on that too, with my turds every where i then pick some up and i look at you and ask which one are you? you yell slave, so i get some of my shit and start to smear it on the slave balloon. I then go to the PIG balloon because thats what you are to me! i smear it and degrade you as the lil fuck you are! last but not least its the not worthy balloon and i smear my shit all over it, degrading you even more and telling you how not worthy you are of my shit! Then the game becomes scary to you! your already a lil pig who will do whatever i say, now i have scissors in my hand and you become a pussy with you cock twitching ! i will make you dickless if you dont buy my videos nasty pig! i go to the slave balloon and tell you how you will be my scat slave if not this is what will happen to you then i POP the balloon i got to the Pig balloon and say this is what you will always be you will never be anything close to a man, you a fucking pig! so i pop that balloon then i go to the not worthy balloon and i pop that saying your not worthy but you can try to prove ur worth by buying my shit and movies and then report to me! DO AS I SAY OR ELSE

Poop And Shower From Hell With Sharlene And Andrea

This Movie is particular cruel. First the Girls stick this Metal Plate in the Mans Mouth, so he cannot close it. This makes sure the Poop goes directly into his Throat and then they take a Shower over him, One stands on his Face showering and the other one on his Chest. The breathing Part remains his Problem. English Subtitles