Drinking Your Own Piss

Man Gulps Down The Piss Of Two Vengeful Ladies! – Full Movie

This man thought he could get away with what he has done to these two ladies. Too bad for him, they are the kind of people who are not afraid to take revenge! So in this situation, they abducted him and brought him to a secluded facility! At first, they laid him on the floor and stepped all over his body to inflict pain and agony! Since they are conscienceless, they use all the power they could spare in every hit! Eventually, one of them takes off her panties and urinates on his face! This is not the worst part! The other woman also takes off her underwear but she pisses directly into his mouth, causing him to gulp every last drip of her urine! After which, they pull him up and beat him again until he collapses on the floor! It is obvious that the victim has been defeated but despite this, the ladies still continue with their ravage! They proceed to drag him into a comfort room and towards a toilet where they then plunge his head! They repeatedly keep his head down for a while, causing him to drink mouthfuls of water out of it! When they got bored, they pulled him away and beat him up again until he fell to the ground! It has been a while since they first pissed on him, as a result, their bladders are full again! So they serve their pussies inside his mouth and make him gulp down their urine just like earlier! It is only when they couldnÂ’t release anymore that they stop with their torment!

She Is Taking A Piss In The Bathtub

She is taking a piss in the bathtub


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