Drinks Husbands Piss

Feeding The Shit With Humiliation

I decided to surprise my shit-eater. Today, the slavegirl and I will feed him my shit from yesterday. And to give him an incentive to eat everything, I made a bucket of mayonnaise. If he doesn’t eat, I’ll dip his head in mayonnaise, dipped until he eats it all!

Hot Food In The Bowl (hd 720p)

Melissa starts the clip with a provocation for her slaves dogs lovers of dununzi sessions, the first arrived you can take the full bowl. Now look how she fills the bowl with deliciosis freshly baked turds.

Mistress Shits Delights

Scat Domination. Smearing shit.Toilet Slavery. Mistress Emily feed her toilet slave with big delicious shit.

Long Poop

she drops a nice soft and long one on her back