Drinnking Piss

Mistress Gaia Under My Ass

Like a giant woman, I stand over you, drowning you with droppings, like a storm who overwhelms the small little man who dares to go out, to admire the sublime sight of the power of nature. I am your GODDESS and you are in my power: COMPLETELY!

Mistress Roberta – Spreading Diarrhea With Farts -pov

Today preparing your food is actually spread your food with the farts comming out in the same time with your delicious, smelly food so you will have to lick clean my ass hole and after that lick clean your food enjoy!

Annika Smeared Rieke With Chocolate Sauce!

How wonderful it is when two really perverse cunning ladies go into the garden to let their desires run wild! This time the two play with chocolate sauce and Rieke is a plump cream nougat load via a syringe into the intestine of Annika. Rieke is covered with the brown mass and a big load of Annikas pee…

Shitting Into The Glass For F.

So, my dear! Here I ropes you a beautiful, brown, firm sausage in my now empty Nutella jar:-) And it’s you become fully enough ??? Your nose kannste as well as poke, so close I think it is you under the camera:-)