Dripping Piss

Chiara – Dog Shit Man 2

mistress CHIARA in a new amateur video really homemade. she makes dog slave licks for a long time her foot, pinching him with needles. Then she makes a large quantity of pee, making him drink until he suffocates it. But the poop remains and CHIARA makes a piece of poop in the mouth and with a shovel stick it in his throat and spread it in the face and chest ….

Desperation Begging Panty Poop

The huge text in the free preview/GIF is NOT in the video. I jog into the room wearing a cute red dress and start to open the bathroom door. I didn’t notice you standing right behind me, but you say hey and ask me what I’m doing. “Oh, hey baby, I’m just going to the bathroom.” You ask me if I need a number one or two. I’m shocked and try to laugh it off, but you ask again. “If you must know, I need a number two.” I try to open the bathroom door again, but you stop me. Over the next few minutes, you keep me from going to the bathroom, telling me that it turns you on to watch me squirm in desperation. “Look baby, I love you and I want to turn you on, I love satisfying you, but I’m literally going to shit my panties.” That turns you on even more, so eventually I take my dress and bra off, practically crying in desperation, and shit in my panties right in front of you. Then I take them off and show them to you, with a big ball of shit on them and lots of little skidmarks. Then, you finally let me go to the bathroom to clean up.

Removing The Mask

That time when i decided to take off my mask and reveal my face in my scat clips :pYou asked?. I listened?..Watch me strip out of my sexy dress and heels? removing everything?. including my mask!This video contains pee, poop, smearing and a lot of masturbating, revealing myself to you seriously turned me on! This video is a huge turning point for me, and not to be missed? this is just the start?.A true scat slut revealing herself for your pleasure?. enjoy xxx