Drnk Girl Shittin

Ass Cleaner Toilet Paper

I don’t have much time today and I really need to take a big shit! My slave is waiting under my ass as usually and I will shit directly in his mouth! My ass hole dirty after shit, and I will make him clean it with his tongue. He is a slave for everything – toilet, toilet paper, shoe cleaner and shit eater. He is non human – he is a toilet!

Sneaker In Toilet! Big Boooom!

my sneakers in the toilet! accompany me, I feel them perfectly! My pieces are falling with great speed into the bucket, is loooooud and juicy

037.2.2 Peeing Mistress Isabella

037.2.2 clip from 037 with pee in the mouth of one of my slaves. First time for him! Also very elegant fetish in this clip and torture. MP4