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Competition For Shit Eating Dixi Toilets To Go!

There may continue to apply for contenders for our camping trip. Here I am looking for a suitable toilet for festivals, concerts and the like. In addition to the stamina in camping toilets, the Dixi toilet must be practiced in quick shit swallow! This means you are ready with your mouth open and take shots of different women in quick succession. After each session, the mouth must be empty! Here in the video I test a Dixi toilet contender. He is obviously trying hard … In particularly suitable to go shit eaters it is possible that they may accompany me on my shopping trips. For this it is imperative that as described above, the shit from my asshole is picked up quickly and clean and swallowed in no time. So that no odor arises. Nobody should notice that you just had to eat my shit in the locker room! Or when paying at the cashier the cashier disgusted in front of your mouth smeared with shit. I can not use pure pee and piss drinking slaves for this job!

Fisting Asshole With Feet Full Of Shit

Mistress have a kinky idea for today : she wanna fill her slave mouth with shit, then . . to put a condom on her feet and fist fuck slave asshole with her shit.

I Shit In My Ballet Flats.

I shit in my ballet flats.