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Freddy, Let’s Fuck!

I know you want to fuck. I see you looking at my ass. Nudging your friend to make sure they watch me walk by… So, I walk over to you and I ask you:-What’s your name?-Freddy.-Freddy, do you wanna fuck tonight?You say sure, so now, we’re about to fuck. Be careful what you wish for!

Toilet Slut Training

Mistress Annabelle makes the toilet slut suck a huge dick. With great pleasure she does it. She designs a slave’s throat for a lovely shit dinner. Slave licks pussy and asshole Mistress, after that she pisses in his mouth. A strong stream of pee splashes into the slave mouth. He must manage to swallow sweet drops. She sits over the slave face and begins to shitting in his mouth. A huge long shit comes out from Mistress ass hole. Eat my shit, smelly scum. A lot of shit on the slave face, she suffered for 2 days without shit. A big portion of my shit is your food. Such a crazy pleasure for you to serve me as a toilet She pushes all the shit in his dirty mouth with a huge dick and makes him suck it. A slave sucks and cleans big shitty dick. Now you are trained and you know how to satisfy your Mistress. Lick my ass and open your mouth wider – I want to piss. The slave experiences immense pleasure from humiliation when the Mistress shits in his mouth.

Mistress Roberta – Clean The Shit Off My Shoes Before Eating

Today my slave your task is to lick clean the shit off my high heels shoes and only after you can eat the leftovers of poop and pee, enjoy!