Drunk Asian Schoolgirl Public Shit

Malaysia’s New Asshole Stretchers!!

Malaysia’s back with an new FUNKY Dozen minutes of Wall Grabbing, Asshole stretching Mega Logs!!! I swear I am like a broken record when I say every clip she sends amazes me! how does such a thin Woman Expunge So much from her ass!! Grown men aren’t fucking with Malaysia!! Enjoy two great clips as she literally fills up the bowl with her asshole tearing monsters!! She had to literally grab the wall to push some of these out!! I lost count of how many turds shot out her ass in the second scene alone!! Sheesh!! Why don’t you enjoy counting them with me!!

Desperate Pee In Dress N Stockings

Getting home desperate to pee, but the toilet is locked inside!!! I am trying to hold it, but it was impossible and I let the pee flow on the floor in the living room….amazing Gopro POV..I am peeing right over the cam lens and the feeling is..I am peeing on you!

Shitting On A Scale

I tried to shit on a scale, will it show a result? You will see 😀

Creamy Big Turd

Mega one coming out of my ass today!!!