Drunk Asian Street Pooping

You Become My Toilet!

You know, you are just there to serve me.Whatever I want to, you have to do it.This time I tell you how I use you as my toilette.You are my human toilette and you have to keep my toilett clean, wherever I go!

Pee In White Pants

I piss in my tight white pants

Miss Flowers – Hospitable P2 Hd Version

Since the toilet slave is already there, Mistress Michelle also pee and shit in his toilet mouth. The whole mouth is filled up with shit by Mistress Michelle. Miss Flowers is amused, chew and swallow…

Ariels Little Nap

Enjoy watching a woman while she sleeps? Maybe you like the way she looks so peaceful and quiet? Maybe you like the way she snores? No? I know you want to watch her and she if she FARTS! Pervert, course she farts, not only does she FART but she takes a big, dirty, brown SHIT as well.