Drunk Girl Shits All Over Her Self

Caviar Quiz

A new toilet slave has to do a little quiz game with me and Miss Jane. After he got a taste of shit straight from Jane’s ass he should find out the taste what she ate yesterday. While he tries to answer correctly and to swallow shit we torment his ugly body.

Sparkles Public Peeing!

Sparkle’s back!! This time she’s even better than ever!! One of my most popular FUNKY ladies has come back with a bang with all new content!! Enjoy some wonderful peeing while at work. enjoy as we get to watch her slide in and out her sexy outfits! Then enjoy as she shakes and jiggles out some nice golden relief!! Enjoy a nice explosive fart in the initial clip and few others sprinkled in as well!! Sparkle is back and she is back to dominate like she did last year!!

Wife Cooks Shit-breaded Steak For Her Husband! – Full Movie

Her husband is coming home in a couple of hours and she must prepare his dinner. He likes his steak well-done and breaded with a special ingredient – her scat! So she takes off her panties and sits over a bowl. She ejects soft shit with some piss as well. She’s now ready to cook the steak!

Filling The Mouth Of My Toiletslave With My Delicious Shit

Filling the mouth of my toilet slave with my delicious shit. my slave eats the whole portion … the long sausage comes slowly from the hot asshole of the lady … in the mouth of the slave..mhhhh, be my toilettsklave1st part from the near distance