Drunk Man Pee On Cop

Lick My Poop Feet

Clean my dirty feet. Try to deserve your breakfast – my delicious shit! Face slapping, foot slapping, lash strikes! Licking better! You’ll get a verbal humiliation and big stinky shit from my giant ASS. Eat my shit and swallow!

Aria’s Watch My Back!!

Aria gives you plenty of incentive to watch her back in these clips Enjoy as she turns the other cheek to get some sweet potty relief in these four clips. She begins with a great reverse kanga peeing clip, followed by Three great log drop offs. Great rearview angles as you can both hear and see the logs push out that sexy booty of hers!!!

Zelda Is Just Simply…..wow!!!

Zelda continues to amaze me each clip she puts out!! Enjoy as she keeps expirimenting with with new angles and postions to keep her EFRO action new and fresh each time!! Enjoy her funkiest half dozen clips yet!! Enjoy as she spreads that cute ass of hers nice and wide in couple scenes and shows the logs coming out nice and up close!! Zelda has fast become one of my most talked about ladies, and after this clip you gonna be Speechless!! All I can say is WOW!!! Amazing how such a beautiful ass can push out so many monsterous disgusting logs!! Enjoy as she fills the Bowl repeatedly in all 6 Clips!! She even left a monster bogey all over the seat!!!

Extreme Femdom Scatology Slave Training!

WARNING!!! For those who doesn’t like extreme domination look away now!!! This slave is being trained in the most extreme way possible. He is humiliated and he can do nothing but cower down to his mistresses orders. She treats him like a human dog and he is made to wake on all fours while his mistress applies pressure on his back using her feet in high heels. She pisses all over him and orders him to lick up the spillage off the floor and clean his mistresses high heels with his tongue which is TOTALLY HOT! After this, she squats down over him and releases one of the biggest shit sausages a mistress of this size could offer. We can see her asshole stretch and expand as her fresh payload is pushed out into the slaves mouth!