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Lesbian Toilet 4 – Mouth Squat Shit

Well folks, Chanelle did my 6 month toilet training program in a mere FIVE days and she passed with flying colors. In this one I decided to squat directly over her open mouth as I took a shit.I was a little constipated as you can see. So don’t mind my heavy breathing, grunting and shaking legs lol. Enjoy as Chanelle had to chew this shit of mine a lot to swallow because it was so firm. I don’t give her any liquids to make things easier on her. I want her to suffer to show me how much she want the position while we stare into each other’s eyes as I rubbed my clit during this.I hope you enjoy watching Chanelle eating my shit AGAIN

Toilet Slave For Veronica Moser P1

The toilet slave is now for Veronica Moser ordered and is taken by Mistress Michelle first. He is very submissive and kneels all the time before the two Scatqueens. Mistress Michelle brings him to moan with her sharp fingernails. She pinches his nipples until his face warps. Then both ladies pee in his toilet mouth and then Veronica Moser still shits into his gap. The shit of her is pretty soft and fits perfectly.

Ariana, Shitting Hot Blonde…

Hey I am Adriana, a blonde teenage shitter…watch my turd coming out of my ass and clean my dirty ass…

Scat And Piss And The Floor

Today you will see a nice geyser of piss, large current falls to the floor, I dildo in her mouth and suck. Then I lie down on the floor in a puddle of piss and starts drinking like a wild animal. I’m excited and I masturbate … dildo in pussy and ass and then to push shit!!!Excitement is growing as always when I feel shit.I have to poop taste and swallow, then anoint the hair and all over my body and enjoy the filthy orgasm.