Drunk Puke Vomit Barf

Shit In A Bowl 8

I’m starting to shit. I’m completely naked. I’m in a bowl. I trample the shit with my feet. it’s just a super sight.

Mistress Lilly – After Jogging A Huge Shit

For the FIRST time on site here, Mistress Lilly was joined our team after a long time in Business. She agree to share all her videos in our store from now for all her fans from all over the world. She is a scat Queen and adore to shit, piss, squirt, cumm and play with toys, beeing dirty ! Today in her first movie she just take a break from Jogging in the woods and she needed to shit so hard. She playing a little in her hosiery the she shitting a huge turd right between trees:) She will post her movies and explain her journey into scat almost everyday, just check her movies with titles Mistress Lilly and you will be in love with this mature scat Domme !

Voyeurism At Its Best

Hidden cameras installed and this unsuspecting visitor doesn?t fail to disappoint. She delivers a wonderful log of scat. While hiding I felt like jumping out and gobbling her shit up into my mouth. It was both heaven and torture to see this shit delivered. On one hand, i loved to see the delivery. But on the other hand I just wanted to gobble it up!