Drunk Sex Pee

4 Girls Used Me, As A Living Toilet, In The Swimming Pool!

When I, together with my 4 friends, Dirty-Tina, HollyBanks, AnnyAurora and TexasPatti, was in the swimming pool, all four girls had to piss. So they came up with the idea of using me as a living toilet. So we, five girls, pulled us naked and I had to lie down on the floor, in the pool. Then pissed, one girl after another in my mouth, all 4 use me, as a toilet, and I have swallowed everything, well. See how much fun we had! After all 4 had bottled me, we were caught, by a bath supervision. How we got caught and what happened next, you see in the next part, from our visit to the swimming pool! But I can tell you, that it went so extreme and horny on!

Mean Mistress Trains New Scat Slave! – Part 1 Hd Only

Without further ado, she shits right into the girl’s face and makes her take it all in! She smears the sticky shit all over the girl’s face and hair! To finish it off, she makes the girl lick her soiled asshole clean!

Schoolgirl Revisits Human Toilet

This is the second visit for this schoolgirl. She likes to feel the slaves manual cleaning of her ass with his tongue. Upon her arrival, she pulls the chain to inform the slave that she is ready to use his filthy mouth once again. He appears with his mouth wide open and she proceeds to push her stringy shit out of her ass and it falls directly into his mouth which he consumes greedily. The texture of this shit is like a desert to him and he loves eating every drop. As is customary, he cleans her with his tongue before she looks down on him and laughs at his pathetic face sticking up from the human shit hole in the ground.