Drunk Shit Public

A Mountain Of Shit

A mountain of shit, in the true sense of the word and in more pee.All naked, taken in full and directly on the floor. Wearing high heels.Only for true dirty minds.With audio and face.

Bathed In Shit!

Outside the bedroom, he is the boss of his two pretty mistresses. Inside the bedroom, it’s a different story; THEY are the boss. When they want to bathe his face with shit, there’s nothing he can do about it. With him lying down on the floor and already drenched in filthy liquids, the girls take turns sitting on his face and shitting on it. They shit right into his mouth and make him eat it! They shit and shit on his face until he is already drowning in filthy muck!

Messy Diarrhea Delivered By Cruel Queen!

This beautiful mistress has a upset stomach resulting in diarrhea coming out of her ass and what better way to get rid of the bacteria than into her slave mouth. It’s a very messy episode and her sweet germs are sprays into the slaves mouth, across his face and all over his body! To add to his predicament, his mistress uses rubber gloves to smear the smelly goodness all over him. He will be a while cleaning up this mess and clean it all up he must because to disobey his mistresses orders will likely result in more severe punishment next time around!

Shitty Diarrhea

Shitty Diarrhea through my jeans and panties!