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Mistress Roberta Spanking And Enormous Diarrhea Into Throat

MISTRESS ROBERTA BACK WITH MORE SCAT MOVIES !! Today, she beat her slave and spank him hard. She use also a huge dildo on her toilet boy and destroy his ass. At the end she relieve her preasure from her bowels so she feed him her huge diarrhea. She begin feeding him with gloves and continue until he swallows..

Mistress Gaia – Shit Licker Slave

CUSTOM REQUEST – You are fully naked and only wear sneakers/sandals and a very small g-string. Then you show your beautiful body to the camera, from your shoes to your face. You spit on your sneaker/sandal and the slave is licking it up. After that the slave worship your feet. Then you pee in a bowl and the slave has to lick/drink it up. Now you put your sneaker/sandals on your feet. You put the sole of your sneaker/sandal in the scat and the slave has to lick it up. After that you put the sole in the scat for another time and smear the scat in the face of the slave. So, now he has to clean the soles of your shoes for the second time. Now you pick up the scat with your hands and smear the scat in his face, in its hair, mouth and nose. You have to laugh to him, because he looks very stupid. Maybe you can give him a scat handjob?

Full Toilet Training With 2 Romanian Mistresses

Finally, a full toilet session with 2 of my lovely romanian Mistresses !! Today was a great day, our studio managed to fall a deal with two superb romanian mistresses and film future movies with full toilet slave action with them. The Mistresses were dressed identically in this morning in 2 seethrough crotchless catsuits and began to humiliate their slave with foot fetish, foot gagging and anal fisting with foot. Then they began to unload a big portion of shit into the toilet slave mouth, instructing it to begin to chew their shit. Then they shoved hands deep into the throat of toilet boy and try to stuffing their shit into the stomach of toilet. The toilet slave, starved, began to chew and swallow their precious shit of 2 mistresses. Thanks in advance for your support by buying our film and following these two superb mistresses challenges.

Big Shit With Second Serving

With beautifully spread legs I pose my shaved pussy in front of you – my tight asshole you can see as well. Then swells smooth, creamy shit out of it, hmmm. Quickly once stood up and peed, then squatted again and served a second helping. In the end, a good portion is once again landed on the floor. We look at it in crispy sharp close ups before we flush it down the toilet! Have fun!