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Mistress Training Slaves All Eat Excrement

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Lady Jasmin Black – Golden Shower

Bad luck today! I had to go to the toilet … because there was no slave around! But watch by yourself…

Shitting And Pissing In Blue Jeans

This movie was created by a member request, for a fan of us. He ask for a custom video with a pair of blue jeans and Godess must be almost desperate in her room by a big diarrhea comming out . Godess dress in a pair of old jeans, blue jeans, and she facesitting me, smother me, suffocate me with her ass. Then she begin to piss in her jeans, pissing through her jeans, and at the end, shitting in jeans, beeing dirty on her ass and maing me chew and swallow her diarrhea from her jeans. With her feet on my face, i cannot do anything than submit to her orders.

Ms D’s Turds With Friends!!

You heard of Words with Friends? Well in this clip enjoy as Ms D Brings you Turds with friends!! Enjoy as she gets a little company in this Ploptastic release!! in the first clip enjoy as she takes a nice funky dump about halfway into it enjoy as another woman comes and uses the adjacent stall and takes an equally loud funky shit!! I though it was Ms D pooping at first the way her neighbor was sounding!! They must?ve had the same Chicken Salad!! In the second enjoy as Ms D once again takes another loud farty, gassy shit. A coworker comes in and pees loudly that Ms D recognizes and Ms D slides her the security key to get back in the office once she?s done. After hearing a quick fart she replies to Ms D ?Are you poopin??? Ms D lets her ass do the talking instead and replies with two even louder farts!! Three great clips of grunting, plopping and straining!! Best Part is she wasn?t alone!! This is a clip you gotta not only see to believe you gotta hear it too!!