Dudes Taking A Shit Outside

Chocolate Bars For Slave

I love to tease my toilet slave bastard! When he is not there, he walks around in a chastity belt so as not to masturbate. And I shoot as I shit and send him. Excite my toilet and suffer from the inability to masturbate and cum.

Shitting On Human Toilet’s Face!

Her human toilet is made to accommodate all types of bodily fluid and waste coming from her and she doesn’t hesitate to use it. With him helpless on the floor, she takes off her panties and sits on his face. She makes him lick and suck her juicy cunt. She stands up and places the portable toilet seat above him. She sits on it and pees right into his face. After taking in her piss, he swallows a huge pile of dump coming from her anus. To finish it off, she inserts paper towels inside his mouth to absorb all the scat on his face and mouth.

Your Reason For Being Is To Eat Shit

This video shows how I treat slaves, who never previously served as a toilet. Whoever comes to me will definitely have to eat shit, no ifs or buts! I love to see how the slave looks at me when his tongue for the first time tastes the shit and how he thinks anxiously disgusted if he can really swallow it. Then he looks at me and gets mercilessly devour the command, namely completely the whole pile and all pee. I say what he has to do what and when he must speak or think. He must understand that he hardly has anything of value in my eyes, its sole reason for existence is to eat shit whenever I demand it! Here you can see how bad the loser has no matter to me, I eat my burger while I put his mouth full of shit, he gets beatings, ballbusting, spit and piss. Then he can return to his hole and disappear, until I or one of my ladies want to use him again.

Dont Sleep, Drink Piss

Princess Nikki finds her slave almost asleep in the kitchen, she take him to the bathroom and piss in his mouth to make him wake up!