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Squirt Shit In Diaper

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251 Involtini Meat Roll Poo

Hallo! A new italian dish just for you!I do on my own delicious rolls of meat with inside ham and slides of cheese, also in the rolls there are cooked zucchino (marrows) to make the roll more taistefull and more soft to eat. For vegetable i kook melanzane ((egg-plant, aubergine) with garlic, paprika (the little red ones). My POO the day after was really tastefull, may be you would like to try my receipt here by me in Sardinia!!!!!! MP4 fast and light download for mobile and pc.

Lady Amira’s Delicious Excrements

Today Lady Amira visits her slave to give him her goddess shit. From now on he has to eat all her delicious excrements, what comes out of her beautiful goddess body.