Dykes Shitting

Pissed In My Torn Jeans – Pure Golden Shower

Today I had the extreme demand to just piss in a torn pair of jeans again and just let it run. My bladder was so full I thought it just wouldn’t stop. I know that now you would have liked to lie under it and catch everything that went through the jeans with your mouth.

Scat Play With My Clothes

A really horny desire of a user.I should make a nice big shit and then put on and put on – beautiful smear – my whole clothes, they tear, they tear – with my shoes in the shit play – you like hornyProduced by Suzan and Marc

Poop From Couch To Floor Part 1

Girls Uses Man

Too Much Shit On The Roof Part 6

This Time, we tried something different. After this Guy cleaned our Feet, we dragged him up on the Roof to avoid the Shit Smell inside the House. And as always, he try to strike and resist but some insisting Moves made him obey and be the Shiteater again. His Destiny… Part 6 with Nataly English Subtitles