Eabians Shitting On Eachot Her

A Travel In My Urine

You are my favorite slave .. today I will bring your slave experience to a higher level making you travel within my urine … are you ready? Look at your mistress … a military t-shirt, transparent tights and Armani boots … I put my feet sweaty in your face after walking for 6 kilometers (you’ll see it’s true from my fitbit) and begin to humiliate you. .. I tear the tights and piss in a glass … from there … you will travel in my urine thanks to my medical endoscope … while I will cover you with so much insults!

A True Mountain Of Shit

This short video is a must for shit-lovers: Mistress Melissa will produce an unbelievable amount of shit. She fills a whole plate! Do you really think to have the gut to watch such a video? But most of all … you’d be able to eat all that shit – flavored with urine – without vomiting?

Only A Little Scat

I have fun in the bathtub with my shit in my face, but then I need more shit and the camera guy helps out.Very messy action.

Shitting To My Hand – Wmv 720×480

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