Eadhead Eats Shit

Lil Stink’s Funky Return!!

My busiest booty has returned!!! Lil Stink has long been one of my most popular ladies. She is probably the most beautiful girl I have ever had the pleasure of having the priviledge of watching on the toilet. This is the type of girl I used to DREAM about watching on the toilet before I started my site! One of my originals, my long term followers and I have had the pleasure of evolving from a girl that got talked into making clips by her then lover (that’s a whole nother story!) I will say I am forever grateful of her friend Lia Boo for talking her into doing it. I was expecting another stud like Lia Boo, but she ain’t tell me she was hollering at one of the sexiest youngins around!!! Lia Boo was only about 19 or 20 when I met her, and was too shy to even show her ass and cooch – let alone the “action”. I always loved her clips however as she appeals most to my natural toilet clip fans. Contrary to popular belief, not all scat fetishists enjoy actual poop – I can personally attest to that as I for the most part love the ACT OF POOPING, not Poop itself. I will say I have grown to love actually seeing a nice juicy log fall from a beautiful woman’s ass nowadays – on and off the pot! As my EFRO appreciation has grown, so has the content on my site evolved as well. Lil Stink’s clips follow a similar trajectory as the clips she has she got more comfortable, She began to make more revealing, more up close and personal clips over the past two years, and continues with these three new clips…. Her ass is as sexy as ever and she is unloading more up close and personal than ever as well!!! She has been super busy for the past few months, but is ready to get back to action in 2017!!! Look for newer and hopefully More FUNKY loads later in the year!! A nice reminder for the old fans and a reintroduction for the new!!

User Pony3311, Pissing In His Mouth!

When I met with several users in a film studio in Düren, I pissed also the User pony3311 in his mouth. He just wanted to taste my delicious champagne! What he did, of course, and it has, my delicious piss, also very good tasted! But he was so greedy that he has swallowed it!

Me And My Boyfriend Share Everything!

This is a marriage made in HEAVEN! Imagine having a girlfriend or wife as cute as this? And one that will share with you your deepest darkest fetishes and embrace them as she embraces you?! This is just that type of girl and she really does share everything with her man. She will piss into a bowl and feed you her pee. She will squat down and deliver to you her freshest shits. When you eat, she will eat with you as you both consume her delicious shit together! ***Special discount***