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Double Fisted, Piss Drinking And Shit Feeding From 3 Goddesses – Another Angle

This movie contain hardcore action with 3 of our best Goddesses from our shop : Goddess Antoanella is first one and she rent a hotel room and call her toilet slave to humiliate him and destroy his asshole. She fisting his ass hard, single and double fisting, until slave was exhausted. Second Goddess is Goddess Andreea, she pissing in her slave throat and order him to drink all her piss until toilet chocking. The third Goddess is Goddess Margo, with a clip from yesterday. She was free again in a morning and call her toilet slave in an hurry to relieve into his mouth. Because she have no time to spent, she put her foot deep into his throat to feeding him better. Perfect movie with 3 of Romanian Goddesses. The final scat clip with Goddess Margo is recorded with mobile phone, from other angle, better one that from video camera.

The Squirts!

OMG we both had the runs real bad! Enjoy two explosive clips from both of us!! First watch as Dumping Darling Just explodes while standing in the tub! It shot out her ass something crazy!!! Then enjoy as Scat Sweetie barely makes it to the toilet ? she even got a little in her underwear!!! She finally sits down and just EXPLODES!! Boy did we make a mess!!!

Shit Taco ~ Ebonyscatprincess Says Eat Up Pov Clip(mpg)

She shits into a Taco for you to eat and you just love every second, as she demands you eat every last bite.. she orders you too and you love it