Eat My Creami Shit

Keiko Multitask

The art of pooping and peeing at the same time!

Scat Show In Pink Tights And Brown Pantyhose

In today’s show you will see a slow shit in pink leggings, then I will shew fucking ass, and I will shove a dildo into my horny ass. The second dildo deep throat. Then in my mouth from the dirty shit pantyhose and masturbate in the ass. Then shit on my tits and pussy and I be very excited, I need to shit in your mouth and chew and swallow shit. The excitement is great, I have to put pantyhose on his head I felt more smell my shit, yes, I like it … I love shit and orgasm with them!!!

Toilet And Bidet Service

I put a funnel in my slave’s mouth and I pee (a lot)… He must drink it all, when I finish he must clean my wet pussy with his tongue!

Multiple Scat Serving Compilation!

Here you get to witness so many beautiful women and so many kinds of scat served for your consumption. The variety of tastes and smells is wonderful. And every dish is served freshly for you! *special discount