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German Goddess Gracefully Shits On Her Hubby

On her first night at the 5* superior class hotel the Goddess feels the irresistible urge for taking a shit. What’s more convenient than having her enslaved and cuckolded hubby ready to take whatever is necessary to keep HER happy? Well, said and done. She orders him to lay down in the bathtub while she arranged to position herself over his slave body, presents us HER gorgeous ass to marvel at and then let her ass’s action speak. She pisses on her hubby, farts and then shits on his belly. The smell is intense and hubby gets an instant errection as he bathes himself in her glorious Goddess shit! He cums hard over his shit covered belly while SHE observes him laughing at his lowly demeanor. FULL AMATEUR! NO PRO ACTING! REAL!

Goddess Andreea – Mix Compilation Nr 6

Goddess Andreea is our latest Goddess. She is a kinky, hot, MILF and bizarre Lady. She love to use only human toilets in her new dungeon area. For this, she casting a few of them and use them everyday in her full toilet movies. Here is only the scat part from another movies of her, and from now you will see her new movies, followed by a compilation with best part of her shitty action. Enjoy and prove Goddess Andreea that you are capable to chew eat and swallow her Kaviar ! Here you will find her scat movies, parts never posted in the compilations 1 to 5.

The Shit On The Feet

To become a real wc it takes time …Today, the toilet slave of Mistress Giorgia is humiliated in this way:The Mistress decides to put her four-legged slave and begins a peculiar shit … on the slave’s feet.The slave is totally humiliated and at the disposal of his Mistress who, to enjoy himself more and more, begins to pull the slave balls, causing him to tremble.Everything resumed minutely as only bizarre Mistress Giorgia can do

Pee In Doggy Style

Pee in doggy style is something I try for the first time..Watching the clip afterwards, I was quite convinced I am peeing diamonds!