Eat Piss And Cat

Nice Girl Shits For You

My first video (… and it will not be the last!)The scene takes place in my bathroom while I’m ready to flood him of delicious shit… I know you’re dying to!Let yourself be guided buy my voice… yes, it’s really all for

Loly And Rosella Piss A Scotsman In The Mouth!

619/5000At one of our awesome AÖ gangbangings and piss parties, in Oyten, by Loly and myself, was also a Scot who had come specially from England to see us live. The Scot wanted to fill us not only with his sperm and his piss, but he also wanted to swallow our delicious piss. So Loly and I, the Scottish user, one after another, pissed nicely in his mouth. What the Scot did not suspect was that we had to pee so much and we pissed him extremely much in his mouth. All this you see from 2 camera angles. So you see the hot piss scenes from the front and from behind!

Domestic Slave Training Smothered And Scat On!

This slave is smothered in the face and struggles to get his breath but this doesnt stop his mistress from grinding into his face even harder. As she smothers him she starts to slowly release her sweet shit onto the slave in training. After smearing it over his mouth, he is ordered to get down on his hands and knees and to consume her shit from the floor like a dog. The mistress is wearing beautiful stocking and she pushes his head down under her feet into the hot pile of shit she has freshly delivered.