Eat Poop And Pee Shit

Kara Lee In Family Pee – Scene One (1080p)

Today was a fun day of drinking grape juice, fucking by the pool and swallowing some pee. Before going out to the pool, Mom wanted a fresh drink of pee. She was so thirsty from her workout this morning that she took the pee from the cock…Outside…Daughter Kara is waiting for Dad to come out and give her some dick. Dad came out quickly and gave her the daily dose of the D! Next is a all the vitamin P she can swallow with Mom…Cory

It Feels So Good To Shit In Pants

Today I decided to have some fun. My silk white panties are so tight, now they will turn brown. Yes, it’s so nice to relax, to fool around. I can feel my warm, sticky shit oozing out of my ass, spreading in my crotch, it’s so nice. And the smell… no toilet slave can resist, drooling. It’s so soft, fragrant, fresh!

Coocing And Pooping Part 1 Valery

While working in the kitchen, the Girl needs a Chair. Hey Slave, you will be my chair. Sitting on this Pigs Face makes the Girl want to poop. Meaning, hey open wide, here it comes.. Part 1 ValeryEnglish Subtitles