Eat Shit Abuse

Gourmet Kaviar Cooks By Mistress Antonella

Gourmet cooks by Mistress AntonellaVery sexy Mistress Antonella wearing a wonderful body stocking and amazing thigh boots prepares a gastronomic meal with her own caviar accompanied by raspberry and banana and a sublime cocktail with her own Champagne accompanied by raspberry and strawberry. Mistress Antonella soaks her beautiful dildo in her plate … it makes you want to lick everything with application.

Mistress Emily – Feeding The Toilet

Lick, suck, eat my shit! You’re a loser, usless thing, dirty pig. Drink my pee and swallow my spit. Clean my asshole to shine and wash me after the toilet. Do you like to eat my shit? I think that this is your destiny, your appointment. You are a public toilet.

Nasty Nurse Shits On Patient! – Part 1

They start by puking and pissing on a bowl and making him eat and drink every spoonful of it! They also piss inside a stiletto shoe and make him drink from there! They finish it off by pissing right on his face, bathing him with warm golden shower!

Ayanna’s Still Blowing It Up At Work!!

Ayanna is back with three new public clips!! Enjoy as she lets rip in the employee restroom. She has made some seriously funky, nasty clips in that bathroom over the past year!!! Enjoy as she spreads her ass to drop off some nice logs from three different angles. On front facing, and two different overhead angles. Hopefully they aren?t missing her behind the register as she?s gonna be a minute!!