Eat Shit Ompilation

Mutual Love For Shit. Part 3

Seriously. One of my favorite movies. The movie in which I firtly felt incredible desire for eating shit, filling my stomach with is and making really mad sinfull sex with my parthner.I want to share this experience and make you feel what I felt in this moment, incredible atmosphere full of shitty air in the room. Our bodies, smeared again and again with endless loads of saved shit and our own shit among it. Feeling shitty cock inside, in month, on my face… Such moments full of relaxing and feelings that evertyhing is allowed – they are worth living.

Schoolgirl Pooping Joi

The huge text in the free preview/GIF is NOT in the video. I walk in, wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit and tell you that I found some videos on your computer, d_ddy. Some videos of women…pooping. Do you watch them while you masturbate? Well, if you can admit it, I suppose I can too. They really turned me on, and I masturbated to them too. Have you ever seen a girl shit in real life? No? Do you think it would make you cum really hard? Because I want to make you cum really really hard. I sensually strip down to just my schoolgirl skirt while giving you jerk off instructions. Then I finally shit for you, telling you just how to stroke your cock to it. I masturbate over my big pile of shit and eventually cum all over it while begging you to cum too. We both have the most intense orgasm of our lives over my shit. Then I blow you a kiss and tell you we should do this again sometime.

Bride Shits On Groomsmen Before The Wedding! – Full Movie

It’s the night before her wedding and she wants to have some nasty fuck before she goes monogamous for her husband. In comes the groomsmen, who are well aware of the bride’s fetishes. The two men take turns sucking and pinching her firm tits and then they take turns eating her splendid ass and pussy. Afterwards, they two a threesome in which one guy eats her cunt while the other plays with her tits. She sucks their cocks, one after the other. After a few minutes, one of the guys take out an enema and inserts it in her asshole. This makes her produce a foul clump of shit on the floor, which they make her smell and taste.

Bath Pee Sd480

Sophia rushes into her bathroom to pee but doesn’t have time to get to the toilet. Instead, she unzips her skintight jeans, tugs them and her blue-and-white check thong down to her knees and then sits on the edge of the tub. Aaaah! Made it just in time! Due to being in such a hurry, she hasn’t been quite careful enough and quite a lot of pee streams over her bum. Oops! Just as the trickle ends, she accidentally makes an unladylike noise and is embarrassed by it. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the tissue is across the room. After some maneuvering, she retrieves the tissue, wipes herself dry, and redresses