Eat Shit Piss

Really New Year’s Feeding!

Really new year’s feeding! Girls want to feel the New Year mood – they give commands: the slave sings New Year songs and dances for them, girls laugh at him! He must always be positive, girls constantly demand that he sing a song or read a New Year’s verse. A slave should not sit idle, he must constantly entertain girls. As a New Year’s gift, the girls organized for him a New Year’s table of female shit, urine and vaginal discharge! The slave is waiting for all the girls to do this and he will be allowed to start the meal, he sits nearby and enjoys the smells. He knows that he will have cooled shit, and cold shit is very disgusting. On New Year’s holidays, girls eat a lot of different foods and their shit smells stronger and has a more fermented taste!

Scat Mix 12 By Mistress Isabella

1 hour of video, mix of nr. 67 nr. 106 nr. 162If you have not see this video this is the right time to see it! The pictures are taken directly from the clips. All videos are in Italian language. Mp4

Mistress Roberta – Fresh And Creamy Morning Breakfast Avi

Today i am preparing an fresh and creamy breakfast for my toilet slave almost near the plastic plate pee inside and then poop almost outside the plate but nicely arrange it inside for my slave to eat .

Lady Pamela – Drink My Piss

The beautifill Lady Pamela piss in losers mouth let him eat the toilet paper and whip him.