Eat Shit Salve

Oxana Fart Tights Messy

Oxana is farting in her new tights till make them emssy of shit.

1st Scat Mix Compilation

1st SCAT MIX COMPILATIONThis is the first compilation of scat and pee by Mistress Isabella, these are the best SCAT moments of 4 vintage videos, the full version is here on Yezz in my store, numbers 009, 026, 039, 045. May be you never see them and you can be happy to find only the scat and pee here all in one video during 29 minutes!!!!! MP4 fast download. LOW PRICE

Mistress Gaia Pee And Shit At The Same Time

My piss divine together with my exquisite shit, together, simultaneously, at the same time. Contemplate while I gift to the world the fruits of my body. Kneel down and worship me, toilet.