Eat Shit With Piss

Weak For My Tits

How bad do you want to worship my perfect shit covered tits. How bad do you want to lick them clean?

Nothing Beats Schoolgirl Scat! – Part 2

She binds my wrist with duct tape to render me helpless. She hikes up her skirt and squats above my face, then she rubs her firm ass on it, getting ready to eject much-awaited scat.

Eat Shit Looser P1

4 Ladies are sitting on a couch and talk together while the toilet slave are lying on the floor and have to lick clean the dirty feet from one of the ladies. after a while the lady who have to shit prepare the slave nearly at the couch where she is sitting and shit in his mouth. Wow, she shits a very big pile directly into the mouth while she ignore him and talk with her girlfriends. and