Eating Eachothers Shit

Mistress Victoria And Her Friend Using Toilet Slaves

Mistress Victoria and her friend use today their slaves in different ways.First her friend use 2 slaves in her bathroom, humiliate them, order them to worship her perfect body then pissing in their mouths. In the second part, Mistress Victoria use her pathetic toilet slave for a great diarrhea feeding lesson. She shit and piss sametime in his throat then she push her hand deep in his mouth and order him to jerk off and swallow. Shea smear all her diarrhea on his body also.

Oishi Sayaka Accidental Shitting While Peeing 1

While Oishi Sayaka is peeing, a little poo accidentally leaks from her asshole and she starts to release loud wet farts with small amounts of poo. she laughs in embarrassment throughout. Multi-angle views.

Perfect Full Dinner

My toilet was very hungry today, and I cannot pass this opportunity to give him a piece of my smelly liquid shit. Quite frankly it was more than a piece.. It was really a big diarrhea! Needless to say I tell him to eat my shits. But he is thirsty, so I get a wineglass, and I piss in it, so now he has the best of both worlds to enjoy for full dinner. While he eat and drink, I fed him with a fork sitting on the couch! I have to make sure that he ate everything. He is undoubtedly a real toilet that eats my shit and drinks my pee!

Messy Shit Show

DirtyAzz & Milktitty get real messy and hungry.