Eating From Piss

Mistress Gaia – Gagging For My Shit

I have my slave on his knees and bound on the suspension, he’s been waiting on me for a while. I eventually arrive wearing a pair of my favourite black silk stockings. I’m going to tease my bitch, as I know he enjoys having his face in my beautiful ass. As I tease and taunt him I press it against him and tell him how lucky he is. I also told him if he is a good slave I might reward him with a special treat. I take him from the suspension, and tell him to lie on the floor. I get him to worship my silky feet, as I press them over his face and mouth. Then I use my beautiful ass to facesit and smother him. As promised it’s time for his treat, so I tell him he’s going to eat my shit. With his mouth open I put my ass near his face, and fill his mouth with my shit. I warn him he has to chew it and swallow it all. To make sure he doesn’t waste any, I get some tape and place it tightly over his mouth. What a lucky bitch of a slave to be gagging for my shit…

Mistress Roberta – Fast And Delicious Shit-pov

Today i came prepared to not let you wait and shit and pee in the same time doing a nice little lake and an pie looking shit not so hard not so soft just the right texture and the smell just to draw you faster to eat it so enjoy this fast breakfast shit you have .

Nicole First Time

Girls uses Man

Sofia, Shitting Brat Girl

I want guys to eat my fresh shit. My soft turds….