Eating Hugh Turd

Men In Public Sauna Bath Bathed In Women’s Piss! – Part 2

The ladies would repeatedly change positions, allowing the men to catch their breath! However, they would still have to face the pussies of the culprits repeatedly! When the sweethearts reach the epitome of their urges, they each position themselves on a man in such a way that they are able to sit on his face while giving him a blowjob! The only time they stop is after they manage to make their respective victim cum into their mouths!

Schoolgirl Pee In A Funnel To Punish Peeping Tom

Peeping tom caught lingering around the women’s dressing room so as a punishment she pisses on a funnel through his mouth so she wouldn’t report him to the headmistress

Do You Do With What I Want My Shit

Are you doing with my shit I will.So You little pig, now you do with my fresh shit what I command you this one while I smoke.