Eating Masters Shit

Eat My Stinky Shit

With the New 2019 year, my dear viewers and fans! Come the new year it opens new opportunities, gives new strength. I have big plans this year. This year I’m going to start making a real toilet slave out of my shit-eater. I’ll start feeding him shit, a lot, often and whenever possible! It will be fixed, will serve me toilet bowls round the clock, will eat shit from several and many women and even men. This movie will mark the beginning of his way down, his full and irrevocable path of becoming like my full toilet slave. I His mummification and left in this condition for days. He ate all day my shit and not only fresh, drank urine over and over again, in his eyes there was a plea to let go, but I was adamant! From now on, my shit-eater will be my permanent living toilet! See, enjoy, hope you enjoy how he enjoys my shit! PS.: we can be viewed on any gadget or electronic media. With love, my dear fans and spectators. Once again, happy New year!

Goddess Andreea – Scat Feeding With 2 Slaves Part 2

Today Goddess Andreea have another custom request from a fan ! She must show no mercy to her toilet slave and use his mouth, humiliate him and make him worship her boots, legs, feet, all her body. She makes a big surprise to her fan and call another toilet who is also her cameraman and also a toilet slave. She use them both at the end, putting them to battle for her shit from a plate ! The story continue in the next episode (part 2 of this movie) when you can see : ashtray, masturbation, anal licking, cock stroking, cock cumming, cock sucking with shit on cock, penis deepthroats, domination, humiliation, spanking, piss drinking and shit eating with both her toilets, sametime ! This is part 2 of this epic movie with her personal toilets

Naughty Nurse Shits All Over Helpless Patient – Part 1

She makes the poor lad lie down on the cold floor and makes an act of checking on his heartbeat. Sensing that the man is completely helpless, she squats on his face and takes a huge dump on him.

How Many Girls Can One Toilet Slave Take Part 11

We train the Toilet Slave to better Performance by pushing him to his Limits. In Part 11, Sofia poops into him and cleans him afterwards with the Toilet Brush. English Subtitles