Eating Poop Girls

Pussy Cream And Shit On My Dildo

I’m selling an old broken vibrating dildo that’s had years of use and is ready for retirement! This is my last use of it before it’s sent on its way – want to make sure that in addition to the years of pussy juice that have seeped into it, it has fresh cream dripping down the sides >:D —————————————————————In this video you watch me coat it in my pussy cream by fucking myself and rubbing it on my clit and pussy. Then I turn around and take a veryyy smelly shit and rub the dildo all over my shitty asshole! It get’s creamy shit mixed into my pussy juice all over it. ———————————————————————–I talk about what I ate and give great close up view of my shit and girl cum on the toy and my shit in a container.———————————————————–I’ve already shipped the shit and the dirty toy out but you can have the next one! 

Peeing In A Glas

Peeing in a glas (JJ000040)

Fart And Poop

Wow!!! Amazing fart and poop from my wife’s ass hole.

Hot Shitgirl Ryder

Hot chick Ryder, a sweety from Los Angeles is doing a great turd + 2 other girls are shitting in front of the camera!!